Going to San Francisco – Research with Rocksmith

I have been visiting Ubisoft Rocksmith in San Francisco! As Rocksmith plays a big role in my research on the gamification of music I was very excited to meet the developers in person. Among other players and researchers I took part in the so called „Rocksmith Backstage Pass“. We have been talking with different developers about the Game a lot especially the new iOS-Version of it! Out now in Canada!

It was amazing to get the chance of going into the field and meeting such nice players, game developers and musicians in person. And of course I had the chance to give a little presentation of my own research and to ask a lot of critical questions and discuss them with different members of the Rocksmith-Team regarding music, gamification, education, interface-design, note tracking, liscencing and many other topics.

We also had a Twitch live streaming event on March 14., where we had the chance to play our favorite songs in the game. In contrast to the other players, it was my first time ever on Twitch.

However the evaluation of my research data including the experiment with students playing Rocksmith is still on going. Now I am looking forward to add some further perspectives from the interviews during my stay at Ubisoft San Francisco.

SF18 - 3