We are living in a world full of sound! [Deutsch!]

Sounds are bouncing constantly to our ears, so we are not listening carefully anymore. SoundsLike? makes listening an experience that stimulates your imagination. The game makes sounds visible, supports your perception and trains your ears.  
Unfortunately the App is not available via the AppStore anymore!

We see with our ears and listen with our eyes. SoundsLike? presents videos of sounds and noises in an interactive game of memory skills.

Discover two of the same sounds that are hidden behind the playing cards. Listen closely! If you recognized an identic pair, you can see a video of the sound source and the cards disappear from the table. Let yourself be surprised by what happens when you have identified all the sound couples while all the cards are gone. Play several times! Many sounds are waiting to be discovered by you! Have Fun!


SoundsLike? Features

– makes listening an experience that stimulates your imagination
– trains playfully individual hearing skills
– makes sounds visible
– supports your perception and trains your ears
– includes more than 50 videos such as everyday sounds, musical instruments, children’s toys and sound experiments
– is popular among children and adults

SoundsLike? Team

Concept, design and production as well as video and audio production:
Jan Torge Claussen
Programming and design:
Christian Freitag, Felix Herbst und Paul Kirsten (Prefrontal Cortex)

Thank you: Petra, Paul, Titus, Ella, Edith, Albert, Cathrin, Helmuth for early playing; Grundversorgung 2.0, especially Silke, Esther, Marc, Tina, Hermann, Volker, Julie, Stefan, Andre, Oliver and Christian for supporting the idea and advice at CDC; Tom and Micha for translating; Björn and Christoph from Hausmarke.tv, Harm, Roxane, Till and Tobias for testing; Nina, Sonia, Laleh, Enrique, Mathias and Marvin from Gamification Lab and Christian, Felix and Paul for fantastic Teamwork.

SoundsLike? was funded by the European Union and the state of Lower Saxony in the context of the research project Innovation Incubator at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg.