ludomusicologyI just came back from an very nice and exclusive conference happening in Utrecht this year. For the 4th time the ludomusicology conference shares ideas around the connection between games and music. I prestentet a paper dealing with the limits and possibilities of instrumental teaching using guitar games and enjoyed a lot of inspiring discussions about it. There were many other interesting topics as the ludomusicology website mentiones:

„This year we enjoyed presentations on a range of topics, including: ludo-sonic player profiling, ludo-musical dissonance, music videos drawing on game music, new models of flow, gender issues in the context of mermaid games, issues and opportunities in procedural music, zen in open work casual ‘sound toys’, the balance of complexity and accesibility in music games, and the hot topics of realism and immersion, to name just a random selection. The conference theme of education was picked up on in a number of different ways, with a paper on the limits and possibilities of instrumental teaching using guitar games, a practical demonstration of game music implementation, and discussions on competition and creativity in pedagogical contexts, and the broadening of academic outreach through live interactive orchestral music and documentaries like Beep. All conference abstracts are available here.“